20 years guarantee for PURAL coating

PURAL coated steel sheets.
We started selling PURAL coated steel sheets that come with a 20-year guarantee.

Even tin
Lightweight alloy sheets are a special material both for technical and aesthetic use. The flexibility of tin makes it possible to use it for roof and façade protection as well as for the formation various elements.

Tin is resistant to corrosion and temperature fluctuations, as tin withstand temperatures up to 315°C and reflects light well. A tin covering layer fully protects a building and provides an aesthetic appearance.

The sheets our company offer are covered with high-quality polymer paint. You can choose from the range of seventeen colours or even select tin sheets with drawings on them.

Tin can be easily bended without producing micro-cracks, which allows for a safe formation of elements necessary for construction. Tin ductility and flexibility make it possible for us to meet the most complex requirements of modern architecture and renovation of historical buildings.