Roof cladding and new AlZn –SUPERGALUM®– coated steel sheets

We would like to introduce and already started to sell new type steel sheets covered by aluminum – zinc alloy.

This is excellent material for roof cladding, also for covering facades and ceilings. This product is called in the market SUPERGALUM®.

Some information about SUPERGALUM®:

  • composition of the alloy: steel covered with aluminum 55%, zinc 43.5% and silicon 5%;
  • service term 3 – 6 times longer as compared with ordinary galvanized sheets;
  • high corrosion resistance was obtained by adding aluminum to the alloy;
  • high sun heat reflection coefficient (up to 75% if galvanized only 30%);
  • temperature resistance up to 315o C;
  • 20 years manufacturer’s warranty;
  • attractive external appearance – silver shade.