About us

vilrufas-apie_mus_3More than 15 years of experience- Our company was established in 1999. During 10 years we selected a team of competent specialists. Now we are a large, strong company.

Our mission – to sell products to a client so that he remained satisfied and recommended our company to its acquaintances.

Business concept – to develop trade in the field of construction industry.

Quality products – We sell steel sheets, structural steel products, different fastening and waterproofing materials.
We combine trade and manufacture in Lithuania. We try to offer the highest quality production at the price acceptable for the buyer. 

Reliable partners – Owing to great work experience we have established firm relations with certified steel manufacturer in the entire Europe: Areco

Partnership-based communication with the client. The UAB Vilrufas team believes that the team itself is a part of vision and business of the company’s clients and therefore seeks constructive and friendly cooperation with its partners and clients based on mutual benefits. Our goal is to do even more than provided for in the contract.

Professionalism is an exceptional knowledge of one’s field. Being a professional is not only our team’s goal, but also our lifestyle and way of thinking. We are open to innovation and we are continually expanding our knowledge and improving our skills. We are experts in our field and therefore we are fully committed to work and perform all the entrusted tasks with due enthusiasm.

Strict quality control. We treat the quality of our work and results in a strict and demanding manner because we believe that only in a disciplined manner of constant pursuing our goals we can not only meet expectations of our the clients, but also become the leaders among steel roof and wall manufacturers in Lithuania.

Teamwork. We appreciate the professionalism of each individual member of our team, yet we are convinced that the best results can only be achieved through teamwork. Teamwork is really useful when there is no clear solution for a certain situation, whereas resolving a problem and achieving the objectives requires a wide range of ideas and cooperation. We believe that such values as cooperation, the ability to listen to the opinion of another team member, partner or client, trust and mutual respect are the signs of a mature company that is ready for serious challenges.

Continuous improvement is a prerequisite for becoming a true market leader. Continuous improvement of our team allows for the application of the most effective methods of work, keeping abreast of innovations, and offering innovative solutions to our clients and partners.


We represent Swedish company