Flat iron sheet

UAB Vilrufas “raw material purchases from the Swedish company” Arezzo “Arezzo is one of Europe’s largest flat steel importers of raw materials and custodians of the construction industry. Areco raw materials used to produce a trapezoidal roof shingles, batten, sandwich panels, rainwater drainage systems and all kinds of accessories, from sheet metal. Areco main reserves are held in Helsingborg, in southern Sweden, where the company is constantly stores an average of 20 000 tonnes of different size and color products.
Quality, price and warranty Changing the steel and construction business, the combination of price and quality is crucial. Since the ’90s, Areco cooperates with well-known European and Asian steel mills. Long-term experience and trade in bulk allows them to offer high quality at a competitive price. As a quality assurance Areco assumes full responsibility for the material and products provides a guarantee. Guarantees can be downloaded from the website www.areco.se. Please contact us to discuss how we can address your needs and how we can meet the demand for our products in the long run.
DELIVERY TIME One of the company’s “Vilrufas’ strengths are fast delivery times. Our supplier Areca has two stockpile bases, while taking advantage of the company “Vilrufas presents the material within 24 hours from the date of order. We offer competitive transport prices. Due to customers’ wishes, one tow truck can load a variety of sizes and colors of the products. Flexibility Vilrufas is a flexible company and always trying to find the best solution for our customers.


Spalvų ir dydžių pasiūla

Glossy color may vary depending on the angle of view, it is not presented in the NCS index. The table presented colors may vary from actual colors. To know the exact color, please contact VILRUFAS and order sheet samples.



Color conversion table

Areco color code
AR9002 Arkties balta S1002G50Y 9002 001
AR9003 Balta S0502-G 9003 020 20
AR9010 Balta S0502-G 9010 010
AR9005 Juoda S9000-N 9005 015 33
AR9006 Metalinio sidabro Nėra 9006 045 40
AR9007 Tamsaus metalinio sidabro Nėra 9007 044 41
AR7044 Pilkas rūkas S2005-G60Y 7044 022
AR7011 Antracito pilka S7005-B20G 7011 087
AR7024 Tamsiai pilka S7502-B 7024 036 23
AR5001 Tamsiai mėlyna S6020-B 5001 524 35
AR1002 Geltona S2040-Y10R 1002 145 24
AR1015 Smėlio spalvos S1010-Y30R 1015 113 30
AR0418 Bordo S5040-Y90R 3009 418
AR0758 Raudona S5040-Y80R 3009 758
AR3013 Koralinė raudona S4050-Y80R 3013 736
AR8004 Raudonų plytų S4040-Y80R 8004 742 750
AR8012 Raudona S6223-Y89R 8012
AR8017 Ruda S8005-Y80R 8017 384 887
AR8019 Tamsiai ruda S8005-Y80R 8019 387 32
AR6003 Lapų žalia S6020-G30Y 6003 874
AR6005 Žalia S7020-B90G 6005 028
AR6020 Pušų žalia S7010-G30Y 6020 830 11
AR7038 Žąsies sparnas S3503-Y 7038 461
AR7040 Cinko pilka S3502-B 704 244 21
AR3009 Raudona 3009 29