Rainwater guttering system

Our company’s rainwater drainage system is designed so that it matches perfectly with a common roof a whole. Storm sewer system, it’s a great roofs of protection against water. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a quality product that will last and the safety of your home for years to come.

We sell high quality, produced in Sweden rainwater drainage system CARACOL. This is a new and a complete solution for your home or building’s roof. Products are supplied in a fully automated factory, they meet the most stringent technical requirements. Fast production process and high stock levels at all times ensure delivery of products to customers within a very short time.

Our company offers you an excellent, high-quality, aesthetically-looking product, which is very easy to install on your desired building. Our storm drain system has good resistance properties. The system is constructed from highly durable material that routine external effects.

Rainwater drainage system consists of many components mounted easily mounted to the roof and the house. Our company offers you the rainwater drainage system, which looks aesthetically and is functional. VILRUFAS purchased and installed storm sewer system will serve you for a long time, and the house will be protected from the rain.

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