Roof and wall elements

Vilrufas offers all the necessary roof and wall accessories and redundant construction materials that the roof would serve for a long time and look perfectly.
Roof and wall elements include: ridge, Verge trim, angled roof, cornice, snow barrier, the cap molding, profile gasket, Anticondensation film, diffusion film, corrective paint, mounting angles, medvaržtis, screw into a thick steel Omega and others. Their purpose and use are described in detail for each element of the site’s instructions.
Modern production methods connecting elements can be produced in precise dimensions and uniform quality, making them easy to install – roof seems fully completed and outstanding. We can also produce every detail according to the customer’s request, all you need to provide a roof or wall element sketch and dimensions.
High quality and durable roof and wall elements – we’ll advise you on what you choose. Vilrufas – only quality products for your home.