Manufacture of roof cladding accessories, sheet iron products

We manufacture barge boards, roof ridges, snow barriers and other roof and wall accessories. The products are standard or custom […]

Trade in raw materials for manufacturing roof cladding sheets

We offer flat sheet iron in rolls for manufacturing profiled sheets. Roll width – 1230-1250mm. Weight up to 10T.

Manufacture of roof and façade cladding sheets TP/VP 18

We manufacture roof cladding and façade trapezoidal profiled cladding sheets TP/VP18. If you have raw materials and would like that […]

Manufacture of roof cladding sheets EURO 1120

We manufacture imitation tile profiled roof cladding sheets EURO 1120. If you have raw materials and would like that our […]

Retail and wholesale of roof cladding and accessories

If you would like to acquire a new roof cladding, please contact our branches or representative offices.  Addresses are available […]

Roof measuring, estimate making

Before ordering steel cladding, precise drawings of your house under construction or renovation are necessary. If you are not sure […]

Consulting and selection of materials

f you come to our branches you will get more detailed information about roof or facade cladding. Our managers will […]