Trapezoidal profiles

Steel sheets, wall covering
Trapezoidal sheets are an excellent material for house roofs, walls and garage roofs; it is also an ideal material for gazebos. Trapezoidal profiles are produced from steel and coated with zinc and aluminium. The material stands out with its strength, hardness and durability. A wide choice of colours and profiles allow adjusting trapezoidal sheets for different buildings and make them suitable for use in any environment.
Low profile trapezoidal metal sheets can be used for the roofing of small houses, garages and small commercial buildings. Larger trapezoidal sheets, due to their strength, are used on large buildings and roofs with load-bearing structures. Maxi-strength trapezoidal profiles are used in construction of industrial buildings.
High-quality trapezoidal sheets ensure the long service life of the roof and wall coating. We have no doubt that in our company you will choose the steel sheets that are most suitable for your house or building.

Technical literature

Possesses high impact and hail resistance, flame-resistant and does not form flaming drops.